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Urban and rural scenes of Ireland

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The Celts left indelible marks on Ireland and its people visible in

  • thousands of habitation sites over the landscape
  • the bulk of the country's place-names and family names
  • the majority of its saints and missionaries
  • the finest manuscripts, sculptures and metalwork
  • one of the earliest vernacular literatures in Europe
  • the Gaelic language - majority language of the island until the Famine and the only widely spoken minority language today
  • music and rich folklore

Tourists accustomed to the controlled heritage sites in Europe will be surprised by most of the Irish sites. Dolmen, barrows and even Tara itself are minimally signposted. To get to a monument it is often necessary to tramp across a farmer's field, there are none of the expected kiosks and souvenir shops and for many sites, it is possible to walk right up and touch the ancient stones.






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